How to Spot a Rogue Online Casino and Protect Your Money

When considering playing online casino games, always do your research and read reviews about any casinos you might sign up with.

Avoiding untrustworthy online casinos and safeguarding your finances are easier by checking the websites of watchdog organizations.

Payout percentages

An unethical online casino will not pay out your winnings on time and may offer difficult to understand terms and conditions that make withdrawing funds impossible.

These casinos frequently falsify licensed software (Netent is often targeted), in order to manipulate RTP figures on slots, making payout percentages far below expectations and thus giving a strong indication that you may be playing at a fraudulent casino. This tactic should give any player warning that they might be dealing with untrustworthy casinos.

Another tip for identifying fraudulent online casinos is by inspecting their customer service department. If they fail to respond quickly or offer assistance when needed, it could be a sure sign you are gambling at an illegal website.


Rogue online casinos use deceptive means and practices to increase their profits, making their services difficult for legitimate gamblers to access. You can identify these casinos by checking their reputation and player feedback.

Rogue online casinos are notorious for engaging in practices such as bonus fraud and refusing to pay out winnings to players – all while circumventing industry regulations and laws.

These fraudsters use deceptive advertisements and bonuses as bait to lure players into depositing large sums of money with them.

They may delay withdrawals and refuse to cash out winnings, leading customers to contact customer support only to experience poor service and an extended process that can span months at a time.

Not paying winnings, deliberately delaying withdrawal processing times and issuing false requests for proof of ID in order to delay payments are hallmarks of an illegal gambling operator. They often disappear altogether leaving members stranded and vulnerable.

Games offered

Rogue online casinos are notorious for offering illegal and unfair terms and conditions, yet spotting one shouldn’t be difficult if you know what to look out for.

One way to identify an untrustworthy casino is to review their offerings of real money games. Fraudulent casinos may provide games which have not been randomly generated and don’t give fair odds of success for winning real money games.

Rogue casinos usually provide low returns-to-player rates on their games, which is a telltale sign they are trying to scam players and steal your money.

Another telltale sign of an unscrupulous casino is their poor customer support; taking too long to respond or canceling winnings without justification are two indicators.


There are various methods for identifying rogue online casinos and protecting your funds. One is checking whether or not the casino holds a gambling license in their location – this will ensure they abide by all local rules and regulations when conducting operations.

Check whether the casino uses games from reputable software providers; if so, this indicates that it is genuine and rogue casinos should be avoided.

One sure sign of an unscrupulous casino is when they fail to pay their business partners. Affiliate websites earn income by referring players directly to gaming operators websites; if a casino doesn’t pay its partner websites, this could indicate it may not be safe place to play at.

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