BC.GAME Celebrates Argentina’s Win Through Huge Lottery Event

AFA’s official crypto casino sponsor BC.GAME celebrates Argentina’s well-deserved victory by hosting a lottery event with a $100,000 prize for lucky players to bring home! The event will be geared toward VIP users and players, where exciting prizes and activities await. More details are to be provided to qualified players through platform notifications and email.

BC.GAME as AFA’s official sponsor

Crypto Casino of the Year BC.GAME has recently entered a global sponsorship agreement with the Argentine Football Association (AFA) earlier in September. The deal unlocks an international pathway for both brands to cater to a wider range of audiences while fostering interest and appreciation between casino players and the organizations.

The partnership involves a six-month collaboration that will capitalize not only on mutually beneficial streams of revenue but also on offering unhindered access to the growing community of punters, gamers, and football enthusiasts who are regulars on the crypto casino website and its social media channels.

Argentina Wins Against France, 4-2

Since the sponsorship, BC.GAME has been unwavering in its support of Argentina’s national representatives as the players performed their best in every match. The heart-pounding final match in Qatar nipped the bud for the country’s third World Cup win since 1986, with Argentina emerging victors against strong-headed France, 4-2, via a penalty shootout. Lionel Messi has claimed the most prestigious football accolade in his belt of achievements.

Argentine Football Association’s triumph in the World Cup tournament brings more excitement and pride not only to the country but to football fans and crypto casino players alike since it simultaneously helps pave the way for a plethora of betting opportunities worldwide. The victory will help bring in more accessible sports betting events and chances for punters, players, and sports fans to participate whenever they can. That said, BC.GAME’s growing community of users can expect more tournaments, events, opportunities, and promotions exclusive to its players aside from the engagements and social media activities coming from AFA and BC.GAME’s partnership.


BC.GAME is one of the first crypto casino sites to back the Lightning Network, Arbitrum, Binance Smart Chain, and other notable Layer 2 solutions that have helped revolutionize blockchain-based casino industries. The platform also offers a wide host of casino games, sports betting opportunities, and live casinos, with over 8,000 game titles in its platform for players to access.

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